Most who contemplate a sail around the world, want to know the cost. How much money is it going to take to live out this dream? Well the answer is $62,592.68 USD based on the 2012 valuation of the U.S. dollar…. just kidding!!! The truth is that this question is impossible to accurately answer. As someone who tried to figure this out when I first started, I know how frustrating that answer can be.

There are so many variables to an endeavor of this magnitude. Some sailor’s are happy and comfortable on a 25ft “trailer sailor” and some who feel cramped and confined when spending more than a week on their 200ft super yacht. Each boat is different, creating different boat related expenses. Each person is different, making for different personal expenses and discretional expenditures. Each route is different, creating different land based expenses. It’s difficult to even give an average minimum cost for a boat, because that market is always changing.

Other factors include whether or not you’re planning on making money along the way or you need enough savings to get you around the world. Obtaining work abroad is becoming difficult, due to increased regulations. But obtaining a small income online has never been easier. Some sell off everything they have to be able to afford their 5-year circumnavigation, including homes and cars! Others spend a few hours a week trading stocks or running an online business, giving them the ability to cruise indefinitely. If your profession can be modified to life aboard, you are in a much better position than most.

A repeated line throughout the cruising community is “where there is a will there is a way”. If you have the attitude of “I’m going to sail around the world no matter what”, I am sure you will figure out some way of doing it!

After spending enough time reading about and thinking about the type of circumnavigation you want to do, a general idea of the costs will come. It won’t be to the penny or even within a thousand, but close enough to start planning. Hang in there; it’s likely that someone with fewer resources than yourself has already sailed around the globe.

Take a look at my Monthly Expense Reports to see what I have spent so far. I’m a ways away from sailing off over the horizon, but am taking steps to make that happen. All of my expense reports can be found here.